• SDFBI - What is the South Downs Farmland Bird Initiative?

      The South Downs Farmland Bird Initiative (SDFBI) is a collaborative partnership between Farmers, Conservation Organisations and Government Agencies.  It provides a focal point for information and advice on how to integrate conservation management into modern farming businesses.

      Farming the Downs

      The mixed farming, light soils and spring cropping on the Downs provides a diverse habitat, and with it a range of possibilities for wildlife management.  Much of this is targeted towards farmland birds, and will also benefit a whole host of other species including rare arable plants, mammals such as brown hare, butterflies, insects and wildflowers.

      The South Downs is a predominantly farmed landscape.  We aim to show that producing quality food whilst also providing habitat for wildlife is workable and achievable.  This may be as a whole farm approach or by concentrating on specific areas on the farm.