• Advice

      There are many organisations and individuals who are able to offer farm specific advice, including applications for agri-environment schemes, whole farm conservation planning or specific species and habitats.  The list below provides the contact details of advisors and rangers from the SDFBI partner organisations:

      Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust


      Peter Thompson, Biodiversity Officer and Central England Advisor, tel: 01962 344340, e-mail: pthompson@gwct.org.uk

      Mike Swan, Head of education and Southern England Advisor, tel: 01425 651020, e-mail: mswan@gwct.org.uk

      Roger Draycott, Head of Advisory and East of England Advisor, tel: 01440 821325, e-mail: rdraycott@gwct.org.uk

      Julie Ewald, Sussex Study Area/SDFBI contact, tel: 01425 652381, e-mail: jewald@gwct.org.uk

      Neville Kingdom, Partridge Count Scheme, tel: 01425 652381, e-mail: nkingdom@gwct.org.uk


      Natural England

      Natural England

      Susan Simpson, Land Management Advisor, tel: , e-mail: susan.simpson@naturalengland.org.uk


      RSPB - Giving Nature a Home


      Bruce Fowkes, Farm Conservation Advisor, tel: 07702 779365, e-mail: bruce.fowkes@rspb.org.uk


      South Downs National Park

      South Downs National Park Authority

      Western Downs, tel: 02392 572615 , e-mail: Elaina.Whittakar-Slark@southdowns.gov.uk

      Central Downs, tel: 01243 811533, e-mail: Tom.Parry@southdowns.gov.uk

      Midhurst Depot, tel: 01730 817945 , e-mail: Dan.Oakley@southdowns.gov.uk

      Eastern Downs, tel: 01273 625242, e-mail: Phillipa.Morrison-Price@southdowns.gov.uk