• Arun to Adur Farmers Group

      The countryside between the rivers Arun and Adur has high environmental value and potential, and a particularly well motivated group of farmers with a long history of active conservation management.  This led to a successful application for the new Facilitation Fund of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and the formation of the Arun to Adur Farmers Group in July 2015.

      At its commencement the group had 24 farmers signed up covering over 8,000 hectares (20,000 acres) and it is expected that other farms will join as the project progresses.

      24 farmers are currently signed up to the Arun to Adur Farmers Group covering some 8000ha.  This provides a great opportunity to think about conservation, historic, landscape and resource protection issues across a landscape scale.


      Through existing farm and specific environmental management a wide range of conservation benefits have been achieved to date including protecting historic features, managing wet grassland for wading birds, specific measures for rare species such as Duke of Burgundy butterflies, and delivering beneficial conditions across the farmed landscape to aid farmland birds such as lapwing, grey partridge and skylark.

      The funded facilitator will help co-ordinate future conservation management at a landscape scale, and organise training events to increase and share knowledge and build an enhanced community spirit.  Some of these events will be open to all, and will be advertised on the SDFBI website here.  Over the five years of the initial funding the aim is to deliver clear gains for selected target species and build the foundation for the group to continue into the longer term.


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