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      Time to think now - Countryside Stewardship

      28th Apr 2016
      CLA Rural Advisor, Megan Cameron, gives us the CLAs thoughts on Countryside Stewardship............ The window is still open for farmers and landowners interested in applying for Countryside Stewardship grants to protect and enhance the natural environment.  Farmers need to look now at the environmental management work they are already doing...Read More...

      Extension to CS Higher Tier deadline announced

      20th Apr 2016
      Natural England have recently announced that the Higher Tier deadline for initial application has been extended: Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier 2016 – application extension agreed Following feedback from a number of stakeholders, and after significant interest, we are extending the deadline for submitting Higher Tier applications by 2 ...Read More...

      Countryside Stewardship Mythbusters

      23rd Mar 2016
      This years application window for Countryside Stewardship (CS) is now open.  Following on from the lessons learnt last year, there are some common misconceptions around the scheme and what you need to think about if your applying.  Here, Natural England break down some of the myths and set the record straight   Myth: Unless my land...Read More...

      Changes to CSS evidence requirements

      21st Oct 2015
      As the first application round for the higher tier of Countryside Stewardship approaches, there have been some concerns over the level of recording and evidence required for management options and capital items.  In response to this, Natural England have recently made some revisions to the online documents, reflecting a streamlining of the rec...Read More...

      New option for corn buntings

      8th Oct 2015
      Corn buntings, or fat bird of the barley as they are sometimes known, occur in relatively good numbers across the chalk soils of the South Downs.  They are often associated with spring barley, hence the name, but will also use winter cereals and rough grassland to nest and feed. Corn buntings or 'fat bird of the barley' are a regula...Read More...

      CSS record keeping requirements released

      29th Sep 2015
      As the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme approaches the end of its first application window, details of the record keeping requirements have been released.  These are necessary to satisfy the EU and provide evidence that public money is being spent effectively and delivering the intended results. Record keeping and evidence will be needed wh...Read More...

      CSS Higher Tier deadline extended

      27th Aug 2015
      Natural England have announced that the deadline for Countryside Stewardship higher-tier applications has been extended to the 31st October. This is only relevant to those that have submitted a successful Expression of Interest (EoI) form. This does not apply to mid-tier applications, which still have a deadline of 30th September....Read More...

      Countryside Stewardship Scheme July update

      16th Jul 2015
      The Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) is now 'live', and more information about the application process and supporting information is being released.  Below are a series of links that you may find useful if you are looking into the possibilities of the scheme and how it may apply to you: The Middle Tier of Countryside Stewardship...Read More...

      Countryside Stewardship management options

      16th Jun 2015
      As more information about the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme emerges, a list of management options, the amount you'll be paid for doing them and what management is required is now available here on www.gov.uk. By clicking on the option you are interested in, you can also see what tier of the scheme it is available under (Middle and/or High...Read More...

      Countryside Stewardship Expression of Interest 2015

      12th Jun 2015
      As part of the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme, an Expression of Interest (EoI) will be required if you would like to apply for the Higher Tier.  This will allow Natural England to assess the priority of potential applications and allocate their resources accordingly.  As they are scored at the beginning of the process, it will also gi...Read More...

      Countryside Stewardship Scheme update

      26th Nov 2014
      Natural England have now released further details of the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme and the payment rates (subject to approval from the European Commission) for the management options and capital items.  An overview of the scheme can be found here, and the new payment rates here Further details are explained in the fun...Read More...

      Countryside Stewardship Scheme is back!

      7th Nov 2014
      NELMS, or the New Environmental Land Management Scheme, was always meant to be a temporary title whilst the replacement for ELS and HLS was being developed.  There was even a vote earlier this year to decide on what the working name of the new scheme would be.  Well the wait is now over, in her speech on Wednesday 4th November, Environmen...Read More...