• South Downs Land Managers

      The South Downs Land Managers (SDLM) are the voice of the land management community to the South Downs National Park Authority.  SDLM is an independent association of people involved with the land in the South Downs National Park:  local farmers foresters and landowners, and the employees agents and professionals who work with them.  NFU and CLA are our principal partner organisations. 

      The land in the South Downs is owned and cared for by many different private individuals and businesses, and a few larger organisations and public bodies.  South Downs Land Managers' purpose is to try to ensure that the National Park Authority achieves the best possible National Park for those who created, own and manage our working landscape.

      The Park Authority has two Purposes:

          1. to "conserve and enhance natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage" 

          2. to "promote understanding and enjoyment of the Park's special qualities".

      It also has a Duty to "foster the social and economic well being of the local communities". 


      The South Downs Land Managers very kindly sponsor the SDFBI website.  Further information about the group can be found here.