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      CFE seed offer

      24th Aug 2015
      The Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE), working with BASF, Limagrain, Syngenta and Kings have developed fantastic seed mixes with UK native wildflowers and grasses that are available at discounted prices on a first come first served basis.  They include the Operation Pollinator Annual Wildflower seed mix, a Bees'n'Seeds mix...Read More...

      Pollinator awareness week

      14th Jul 2015
      This week (13th-19th July) is Pollinator Awareness Week, which provides an opportunity to raise awareness of pollinators needs and encourage everyone to take action to support them.  A number of South Downs farmers are already doing this by managing habitats such as pollen and nectar mixes and species rich grasslands. To help promote Pollinat...Read More...

      CFE Pollinator photographic competition

      8th Jul 2015
      As part of the CFE's Pollinator work with Syngenta and Kings, they are organising a photographic competition -  “Picture a pollinator” - to find the best pollen and nectar plot.  Many of you have pollen and nectar plots as part of ELS and HLS agreements, and it would be great to see yet another award come to the South Down...Read More...