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      HOS 2017 Corn Bunting Survey

      1st Aug 2018
      Keith Betton, Hampshire County Bird Recorder, reports on a Hampshire Ornithological Society (HOS) corn bunting survey undertaken in the county last year...   The Corn Bunting is a farmland specialist of national priority for conservation bodies and on a local scale the species was included in Hampshire’s Biodiversity Action Plan for se...Read More...

      New option for corn buntings

      8th Oct 2015
      Corn buntings, or fat bird of the barley as they are sometimes known, occur in relatively good numbers across the chalk soils of the South Downs.  They are often associated with spring barley, hence the name, but will also use winter cereals and rough grassland to nest and feed. Corn buntings or 'fat bird of the barley' are a regula...Read More...