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      A Seasonal Serenade

      18th Jan 2018
      Following on from the publication of the 2017 SDFBI Bird Monitoring Project results, volunteer surveyor Alexi Francis shares the sights and sounds of a typical morning survey... There are highlights to every walk and my transect for the SDFBI is no exception. On a May morning I walk the path beside Lag Wood just south of Hassocks to reach the star...Read More...

      2017 SDFBI Bird Monitoring Project results are go!

      12th Jan 2018
      Following many hours of survey work across the South Downs last spring and summer, we now have the results from the 2017 SDFBI Bird Monitoring Project.  This represents the fourth year of the survey, which is building a valuable picture of how priority bird species are faring across the South Downs National Park. Maps have been prepared that ...Read More...

      SDFBI 2016 survey results are in

      30th Nov 2016
      2016 saw the third year of the SDFBI Bird Monitoring Project.  This year 75 volunteers surveyed 118 1km grid squares across the South Downs National Park.  Full results can be found on our website here, and the infographic below lists some of the key facts and figures....Read More...

      SDFBI volunteer thank you event

      21st Sep 2016
      We started the SDFBI Bird Monitoring Project in 2014 to collect data that would show us how farmland birds are faring across the South Downs.  The idea was to provide a much more meaningful measure of conservation success for our local area compared to the Regional Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) datasets. Three years on and the project is still g...Read More...

      2015 SDFBI Monitoring Project results

      19th Jan 2016
      Last summer, an army of volunteers spent two early mornings surveying farmland birds within pre-selected 1km grid squares across the South Downs.  In total 122 squares were covered, providing valuable data for the second year of the SDFBI Monitoring Project. The survey, which is repeated annually, uses the same methods employed in the British...Read More...

      Turtle dove and lapwing see red

      3rd Nov 2015
      The IUCN, or International Union for the Conservation of Nature, has been assessing the conservation status of species on a global scale for the last 50 years.  Through the IUCN Red List, this has highlighted taxa threatened by extinction and promoted their conservation. In a press release issued last Thursday (29th October), it was revealed ...Read More...

      Results from the first year of the SDFBI monitoring project are now in

      15th Dec 2014
      In 2014, the SDFBI initiated a survey project to help gather data on the populations of farmland birds across the South Downs.  Based on the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) Breeding Bird Survey (BBS), the project surveyed to total of 112 randomly selected 1km squares in 2014.  A map of the squares surveyed can be viewed h...Read More...