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      Stone-curlew fledging success on the Downs

      1st Sep 2015
      After a run of three unsuccessful years, a pair of breeding stone-curlew have managed to fledge a chick on the South Downs this summer.  Despite failing at their first breeding attempt to an unknown cause, they re-nested and managed to successfully fledge their chick at the end of August. As was described in a previous blog post here, stone-c...Read More...

      Yellow eyed thick-knees return to the South Downs

      19th Feb 2015
      The stone-curlew is a summer visitor to England, breeding on downland, heathland and arable farmland.  The UK population is estimated at approximately 350 pairs, and confined to two core areas, Wessex in Southern England, and the Brecklands in East Anglia. In the early part of the 20th Century, an estimated population of 60 pairs bred on...Read More...