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    • As part of the CFE's Pollinator work with Syngenta and Kings, they are organising a photographic competition -  “Picture a pollinator” - to find the best pollen and nectar plot.  Many of you have pollen and nectar plots as part of ELS and HLS agreements, and it would be great to see yet another award come to the South Downs (the Silver Lapwing award was recently won by Annie Brown - see here).  

      If you are proud of the pollen and nectar habitats on your farm, then simply email photographs of your established plots to cfe@nfu.org.uk.  Include with your photographs, your name, address, phone number, what is in the mix, when you drilled it and what the soil type is.  The competition closes on 31st July 2015 and photographs will be displayed on the CFE website. The competition will be judged by Marek Nowakowski, and as well as the title of best pollen and nectar mix in the Country, the overall winner will receive 1ha of Kings Basic Pollen and Nectar mix.  So why not give it a go and show off some of the great work going on across the South Downs!

      Pollen and nectar plots like this add a great splash of colour to the landscape (c. Christina MacFarquhar)