• The Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) is now 'live', and more information about the application process and supporting information is being released.  Below are a series of links that you may find useful if you are looking into the possibilities of the scheme and how it may apply to you:

      • The Middle Tier of Countryside Stewardship opened on 1st July.  Click here for the application guide and application form
      • The Targeting Maps for Countryside Stewardship are now available, and can be used alongside the already published Targeting Statements.  The statement, map and a user guide for the South Downs can be found here.  A list of the other target areas in the South East can be found here.
      • DEFRA and NE have now published a PDF version of the Countryside Stewardship manual. This offers some expanded guidance on the Wild Pollinator and Farm Wildlife Package.  A final version of the handbook complete with Terms and Conditions will be available in early August.

      Keep checking in as we'll add further information about the scheme as it becomes available