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    • In 2011, a juvenile Pallid Harrier turned up on the South Downs at the Burgh near Arundel and caused quite a stir amongst not only local but also national bird watchers.  It was thought that it would be a one off event, but over the last few days a juvenile Pallid Harrier has been spotted in the same area again.

      Usually found in parts of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the Pallid Harrier breeds on open plains, bogs and heathlands.  It is a rare vagrant to the UK, and as such is causing quite a stir again!  As you may expect from such a rare sighting, lots of photographs have been posted on the web, some of which can be seen here and here on the Sussex Ornithological website.

      The visitor in 2011 stayed around for several weeks, so it will be interesting to see how long this young bird enjoys the local area.